Musikgarten Classes with Joan Forsyth

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  • Beginners piano/keyboard classes for ages 4 to adult
  • Early Childhood Music Classes and Keyboard Introductory Classes
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KEYBOARD KIDS WESTCHESTER offers four music class levels for children., based on the MUSIKGARTEN approach developed by Lorna Heyge and Audrey Sillick. Children love music for the pure joy of it! When nurtured in a child’s early years, the rewards of a musical foundation expand to provide immeasurable results. These classes lay a strong listening and movement foundation for musicality, as well as for overall development: cognitive, emotional, social and physical. This groundwork gives children a head start not only in music, but in school. We believe that all children have musical aptitude and that early childhood is the opportune time to begin to develop this potential in an active, joyful, and developmentally appropriate way. Classes promote musical literacy, singing and rhythmic skills, aural perception, language development, motor skills and social interaction while awakening the child’s imagination. Musikgarten is an ideal way to prepare a child for later instrumental or vocal study, and to be a more perceptive listener or thinker in the arts and other disciplines. Joan Forsyth became interested in Musikgarten because she found that class graduates became better piano students – able to listen and ready to build on pre-existing skills.


Family Music for Babies and Toddlers is a 40-minute class for infants and toddlers newborn to three years old, designed to awaken children’s curiosity about music and bring the joy of music and movement to their families. Babies absorb everything …..learning the language of music as they learn to talk! Repertoire includes lullabies, bounces, rhymes, echoes and imaginative activities. Foundations are laid for beat awareness, vocal production, and aural discrimination. Caregivers and children explore music through singing, focused listening, moving, echoing rhythmic and melodic patterns and playing simple percussion instruments. Home kits include family songbook, CD and percussion instrument.
Class fee $235

Cycle of Seasons is a 45- minute class for caregivers and three to five year- olds. Activities nurture musical as well as overall development and include singing, beat/rhythm activities, movement exploration, listening, creating, playing instruments, poems and stories. Musical concepts, such as rhythmic and melodic patterns, tempo, dynamics and timbre, are experienced in many ways. Family will receive a home kit including a songbook, CD and eight animal listening game cards.

Class fee $265

Music Makers in the World and at the Keyboard is a 60- minute class for children aged four to six, which teaches basic musical concepts and introduces children to the piano/keyboard. Activities nurture musical and overall development and include singing, beat/rhythm activities, movement exploration, listening, creating, playing instruments, poems and stories. Musical concepts such as rhythmic and melodic patterns, tempo, dynamics and timbre are experienced through a repertoire of folk music from America and other cultures. Each child works at an individual keyboard during the lesson, and should have an instrument at home.
Class fee $285

Music Makers at the Keyboard is a 70-minute class for children aged six to nine which provides an ideal introduction to the piano and keyboard instruments. Children work at individual keyboards during the lesson and should have an instrument at home. Activities include singing, creating, playing percussion instruments, moving and reading music. Music concepts such as rhythmic and melodic patterns, tempo, dynamics and timbre are first heard and sung, then transferred to the keyboard, fostering what we call the ear-hand connection! Home kit includes a listening and a practice CD, and piano lesson books.
Class fee $300

Music Maker at the Keyboard - Quads are groups of four students which meet at my studio in Fleetwood.. The class is the same as the larger Music Makers at the Keyboard, but with fewer children and more scheduling possibilities!
Class fee $350

Private Piano Lessons and Piano Partners (semi-private) are also available $378 for 9 week half-hour session. for private lessons. $285 for 9 week 45 minute session. For the best of both worlds, private lesson beginners may attend a group class free of charge!

New Adult class Enjoying Music Together is an innovative new format for adults to begin piano/keyboard lessons. Aural approach fosters ear-hand connection as well as learning to read notation. Group interaction makes for more fun!
Class fee $300 for 15 week session.

Class Locations & Schedule

BRONXVILLE: First Baptist Church | 407 New Rochelle Rd. | Tues /Wed am only

MOUNT KISCO: United Methodist Church | 300 E. Main St. | Mon/Thurs/Wed pm only

Ages Mon Tues Wed Thurs
Family Music for Babies and Toddlers 9AM 9AM 9AM 9AM
Cycle of Seasons 3-5 Yrs 10AM 10AM 10AM 10AM
Music Makers in the World at the Keyboard 4-6 Yrs 11AM 11AM 11AM 11AM
Cycle of Seasons 3-5 Yrs 1PM 1:30PM 1PM
Music Makers in the World at the Keyboard 4-5 Yrs 2PM 3:30PM 3:30PM 9AM
Music Makers at the Keyboard 6-9 Yrs 4:45PM 4:45PM 11:30AM

For more information about Musikgarten programs, or piano lessons, and to enroll your children, call director Joan Forsyth at (914) 665-2254

Joan Forsyth is an accomplished pianist and dedicated teacher, as well as a licensed Musikgarten instructor. Throughout her career she has combined a love of music and the piano with a gift for teaching and a keen interest in children and how they learn and develop. In the She holds a Masters degree in piano performance from the Juilliard School of Music, and a Doctorate of Musical Arts from Rutgers University. Her over thirty years of experience in early childhood music included serving as an assistant to Dr. Sinichi Suzuki at Suzuki Institute West. She has taught at NYU, Concordia College and Sarah Lawrence College, and is the Director of Music at the United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco, NY. Ms. Forsyth has performed as soloist and collaborative pianist in venues throughout NYC, plus abroad in Europe, Asia, and South America. She has recorded for the CRI, Sound Springs, Albany and Furious Artisans Labels. IShe is the Chairman of the Bronxville Center for the National Guild of Piano Teachers and a board member of the Westchester Music Teachers Association.